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See It Hear It Be It

See it. Hear it. Be it.

Seeing and hearing from accomplished individuals with whom you can identify provides tangible examples that motivate you to continue on your career journey.


Heriberto “Eddie” Cruz, FACHE

Every Healthcare Executive Needs Multicultural

Multicultural Competence

Early Career Strategic Tips

Anton J. Gunn, MSW, CDM

Power of impact

4 Keys to self acceptance

Edmund L. Lafer, MD, FACHE

Transitioning clinician to Healthcare Executive

LGBT Healthcare leader reflects on his journey

4 tips on strategic risk taking

Quick tips for a successful career journey

Denise Lew, FACHE

Leverage your mentors and seize opportunities

Reasons to pursue the FACHE

Glenn Llopis

Embrace the cultural demographic shift

Shaping your leadership success

Nicholas R. Tejeda, FACHE

Practicing inclusive leadership

Quick tips for young leaders

Relationships yes, networking no

Two tips from a young CEO

Leverage your racial ethnic identity

Kenneth R. White, PhD, FACHE

Positioned to be a change agent

Leverage your LGBT Identity

Leverage your social identity

Michael Y. Lee, FACHE

Purposely Seek Leadership Roles Outside of Work

Unexpected Senior Leader Encounter: Be Ready!

CDR Anthony L. Johnson, PhD

CDR Anthony L. Johnson, PhD

EDCN Interview

Debbie DeMeo, LMSW

Debbie DeMeo, LMSW

EDCN Interview

Dr. E.J. Imafidon, DPT, MBA, PMP, FACHE

Dr. E.J. Imafidon, DPT, MBA, PMP, FACHE

EDCN Interview

Luis Chanaga

Luis Chanaga

EDCN Interview

Chisun Chun, FACHE

“Taking Action, Creating Change”

Jhaymee Tynan, FACHE

“Advancing Women of Color:
A Sponsorship Issue. An Equity Issue.”

Carmen Kenrich

Why Connect with Executive Search Firms?