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Navigating Your Career through COVID-19 Crisis & Beyond

Tap into this portal to connect to career information and insights to strengthen you through these tough times. Listen to free recordings from the 5-part webinar series and add your voice to each webinar’s discussion boards. Access a variety of resources to support your professional and personal career journey now and into the “next normal.”


2020 The Year to Advance, Develop & Elevate Resiliency

Free Education Session

On Nov. 18 at 2pm ET, NAHSE & ACHE will host this free session examining how successful diverse healthcare leaders have leveraged the adversities of 2020 to sharpen their resiliency skills and how all healthcare leaders can advance inclusive workplace cultures that support organizational and individual resiliency. The 90-minute session features Dr. Stan Thompson, Gigi Carter and Dr. Amer Kaissi and provides 1.5 ACHE virtual face-to-face credits. Register here

Mentoring Minute


Your individuality empowers you, set a tone that confirms your purpose is the difference that makes a difference.

Fabian A. Stone, NAHSE National President, 2019-2021
testimonial_quoteDiversity generates innovation, it produces inclusion, and it fosters a culture of authenticity. It compels us to remain genuine, challenges us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, promotes varying perspectives and ideas and allows everyone to have a voice. I encourage you to celebrate your differences and to inspire others to do the same. 
Rolando Gomez, NALHE President & Chair, 2019-2021
testimonial_quote“[Others] discouraged [discouraged me from] pursuing a medical career, largely because of my race and because I was a girl – a woman. They felt that there was no example of that that existed … However, I had great mentors, great parents, people who were so supportive who were still encouraging me to pursue a health care career.” Excerpt from podcast by Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom, IFDHE Board Chairperson, 2020  
- Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom, IFDHE Board Chairperson, 2020
testimonial_quoteFocus on building relationships, and attempt to form deeper understandings and connections with those in and around your network. In combination with grit and resilience, empathy and compassion will get you closer to goal and unleash your authentic brand of servant leadership. 
Ajith Pai, PharmD, FACHE, AHLF Chair, 2020-2021

testimonial_quoteConsistent with the ACHE healthcare executive competency domain, ‘professionalism’, executives have a responsibility to contribute to the development of our professional community. Mentoring members of historically underrepresented and excluded groups is one of the ways we can create organizations where all people can fully realize their potential.
- Stephan Davis, DNP, FACHE, LGBTQ Forum Chair, 2020-21

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