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Laurie Shanderson-Making an Impact With Your Career Passion

Laurie Shanderson, PhD, MPA, FACHE

Northcentral University
Dean of the School of Health Sciences
San Diego, California

Making an Impact With Your Career Passion

Choosing a career in academia was an easy decision for me. Prior to my full-time appointment as an academic, I worked in the industry in a variety of roles. Regardless of the setting (i.e., research institute, healthcare organization, or hospital) I never felt that my specific contribution lent itself to my true calling. The focus of my career in academia has been to ensure equity, access and quality healthcare management education with a sensitivity to the needs of students of color. While teaching is a gift that I naturally possess that was appreciated by the students I’ve served— as evidenced in my having earned the title “faculty of the year”— my true passion is administration. I am excited that I have been able to couple my industry experience with my academic training to impact the quality and delivery of healthcare management/administration information.