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Welcome to EDCN 1.0: A New Career Resource for Diverse Healthcare Professionals!

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See it. Hear it. Be it.
Mentoring Minute with EDCN Leaders

“I once was recruited for a COO position, but before offering me the job, they wanted to see if I was a good “social” fit with their executives. I then knew it may not be a welcoming environment for me, as a gay person. Be who you are; find an organization where you will thrive and be able to be your best self — authentically.”

Kenneth R. White, PhD, FACHE

Chair (2016-2018), LGBT Forum
“Blow your own horn! People that can impact your career need to know what you do and how well you do it. Don’t be modest or humble, be aggressive. Blow hard and often!”

James Y. Lee, FACHE

Chair (2016), AHLF

“Diversity and inclusion force people to think differently. You have to develop an organizational culture that respects differences. It’s these different approaches that create breakthroughs that deliver better results and drive an organization.”

Sally A Hurt-Deitch, RN, FACHE

President, NALHE

“Be authentically you! You have so much to offer the world and we need to hear your voice. Diversity is a blessing and your authentic self showcases your beauty and strength.”

Richelle R. Webb Dixon, FACHE

National President, NAHSE
EDCN is a collaborative project of six national healthcare organizations dedicated to advancing executive diversity.
American College of Healthcare Executives
Asian Healthcare Leaders Forum
LGBT Forum
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