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Whitney T. Evans, MHA – Skills For Early Careerists to Effectively Communicate With Senior Leaders

Whitney T. Evans, MHA

Director of Neuroscience Service Line

Mercy Health-Lourdes Hospital

Paducah, Kentucky

Skills For Early Careerists to Effectively Communicate with Senior Leaders

The two most important skills or techniques that I have practiced for effective communication with Senior leaders is emotional intelligence and discovering motivations. In my experience, executives with fine-tuned emotional intelligence have been able to influence change in their organizations as the world of healthcare is ever-changing.  Discovering motivations of staff, peers, and senior-executives is also a skill that I am consistently refining as I grow in leadership.  Managing personalities and motivations is a challenge, but it is also rewarding when breakthrough occurs.  Continually practicing this skill through leading meetings and conducting presentations has helped me tremendously.  The feedback from these experience is invaluable.