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Whitney T. Evans, MHA – How Professional Organizations Can Help Your Career Journey

Whitney T. Evans, MHA

Director of Neuroscience Service Line

Mercy Health-Lourdes Hospital

Paducah, Kentucky

How Professional Organizations Can Help Your Career Journey.

Being active in both ACHE and NAHSE integral in my growth as a healthcare administration professional. ACHE has provided professional development tools for career planning and development that have helped me organize how I want to accomplish my career goals.  NAHSE has provided me with a Senior executive mentor who not only has a similar ethnic background, but who also has a similar professional experience.  Both ACHE and NAHSE have provided me platforms through panels, presentations, and committee involvement to express what the healthcare administration environment is like for an early-careerist.  Also, both organizations have provided avenues for networking whereby I have made several authentic connections with healthcare professionals from different personal and professional backgrounds.