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When the Going Gets Tough – Discussion

In the May 7, 2020, webinar, “When the Going Gets Tough: Lessons from Diverse Healthcare Executives on How to Thrive in Challenging Times,” Dr. Diane L. Dixon shared five strategies to thrive in tough times:

  • Do your best work
  • Activate effective “soft skills”
  • Tune-up your relationships
  • Rebound from mistakes
  • Practice good career and life management


QUESTION: Of these 5 strategies, which one is your strongest asset? How have you leveraged it to help you be the Best You in this crisis?

POST YOUR RESPONSE: To share your strengths with your EDCN community, and we can encourage each other to thrive through these tough times (your comment will post once reviewed).

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  • Orville Clayton

    I consider one of my strongest asset to be my activation/utilization of the “soft skills”. I tend to have an optimistic outlook on life as well as work events and have been able to communicate that to the work team to reduce the alarm or sense of panic that often accompanies crisis situations.


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