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Self-Care to Care for Others in Crisis – Discussion

In the June 11, 2020, webinar, “Self-Care to Care for Others in Crisis,” presenters Nancy Alonso & Paul Myoung., shared several key takeaways:

  • Self-Care improves overall health
  • Help others practice self-care
  • Be intentional & consistent
  • Practice all 5 types of self-care


QUESTION: What is one new self-care action you will implement in your personal or professional life in the next week?


POST YOUR RESPONSE to share your strategies with your EDCN community, and we can encourage each other to thrive through these tough times (your comment will post once reviewed).


  • Shilpa

    These things keep me going…
    1. Being aware about the present moment and I try to do everything that I do with compassion
    2. Breathing services
    3. Counting on my blessings every single day

  • Patrick

    Try to be more focused on the moment, and not the past or future. Actually doing grounding techniques I used to use with patients when I worked as a mental health therapist. Look at your feet, look around you, what are you hearing ….


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