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Practical Steps to Distinguish Yourself

First, early and mid-careerists must learn to be exceptional communicators – this includes cadence, intonation and timbre when communicating a message.  How effectively can a message be crafted for all audiences?  Are personal or extraneous filters—such as poor grammar, a slide that isn’t legible, or poor choice of clothing—identified and removed so that others can receive the message clearly and without distraction?

Second, I believe that exceptional early careerists develop genuine relationships instead of simply networking.  Put another way, exchanging business cards with a perfunctory follow up message isn’t enough.  Rather, individuals should look for opportunities to truly know the other person and identify ways to make their lives better.  The relationship will be real and last a lifetime.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, the early careerist should have a bias towards action.  The worst thing is to remain in place. If people have a bias for action, they will make things happen; they will convert potential energy into kinetic energy and that makes all the difference in the world.