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Take these steps to gain positive visibility

Dr. Tiffany Love, PhD, APRN, GNP

Deputy Associate Director of Patient Care Services

Overton Brooks VA Medical Center

Shreveport, LA


I have been very intentional on how I build my brand and who I choose to network with. I have an informal set of rules of engagement that I follow when I decide to reach out to network with someone.

First, I research the background and interests. I try to find out as much as I can about the individual or organization before I attempt to engage them. My goal is to identify common interests I can discuss with them. I plan what I will say and when. Or I draft an email and review it multiple times before sending.

Be certain to check spelling and grammar. Make it a point to be respectful, complimentary, and appreciative of their time. Don’t allow yourself to be so overcome by their position or prestige that you violate social etiquette or expectations. Be understanding and gracious if they choose not to engage with you.



Keith D. Terry, CHPC

Managing Partner

Terry Performance Group

Evanston, IL


Practical Steps to Advance Your Career

As a culturally diverse executive intent on advancing my career, I used what I called my “seek-and-find” strategy.  Based on that strategy, below are four steps you can use to advance your career.

Step 1:  Seek a mentor.  Search internally for mentors in higher positions with enough organizational insight to provide direct and indirect counsel on your career. Doing so reduces the risk because you have internal guidance.

Step 2:  Seek ad hoc assignments.  Strategically seek extra work assignments or projects in areas you are passionate about and the organization has a need.  The goal here is to build your brand and relationships outside of your department.

Step 3:  Seek to review accomplishments from last year.  It is important that when talking with mentors and supporters in your network, you are casually informing them of the things you have accomplished. Celebrate your accomplishments and team successes because self-validation is very important to self-worth and job satisfaction.

Step 4:  Seek professional development.  It is vital that you know your strengths and weaknesses, and you are continuously improving on them. Hire a coach.

In sum, it’s up to you to advance your career, so be pro-active.