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Leveraging Your Strengths as a Diverse Leader – Discussion

In the May 28, 2020, webinar, “You’ve Got This! How to Leverage Your Strengths as a Diverse Leader in Challenging Times,” there were 5 strengths that successful diverse leaders demonstrate:

  • Maintain agility and resiliency
  • Practice authentic leadership
  • Communicate well with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Leverage innovation & creativity to solve problems
  • Build trust and demonstrate integrity


QUESTION: Of these 5 strengths, which one is your strongest asset? How have you leveraged it to help you thrive in your career?

POST YOUR RESPONSE to share your strengths with your EDCN community, and we can encourage each other to thrive through these challenging times (your comment will post once reviewed).


  • Carmen C. Kenrich

    More and more health care organizations understand the importance of engaging different perspectives and fostering a diverse company culture which can positively impact an inclusive environment but also mirrors the community they serve. I found during stressful and challenging times whether faced with a tight budget or a decrease in clinical volume, my ability to engage members from my team to think differently, to add a helping hand, or to provide a calming effect that has helped and made a positive impact. I have kept those situations in mind when hiring new staff as I have always looked at the subject knowledge of a new team player, but also their experience and cultural intelligence.

  • Maliha

    Compassion is my best attribute. I can always related to others, hear their concerns and show empathy. I feel generally staff and others feel comfortable to share information.

  • Ngepu

    I really enjoyed the webinar. Thank you Gina Calder for the useful information and incorporating your real life scenarios for a better understanding. I am a doctoral student and an early careerist and hearing your challenges and how you overcame them gives me the drive to strive higher. I am still struggling to get my foot in the door for what I am passionate about and that comes with a lot of challenges. It is not an easy journey to get to where you are today: congratulations on your achievements.

    From the 5 strengths shared, I can easily relate to 2 of them which are practicing authentic leadership and leveraging innovation and creativity to solve problems. A leader who is true to themselves and others brings better outcomes and values to the organization, community, and society as a whole. Also, being a servant leader gives people the natural ability to relate to you better. That gives room for learning which makes us better as a community. Though being true sometimes comes with obstacles, it is still a good way to bring everyone to a common ground and have a better understanding of situations. I believe so much in using real life scenarios because it is motivational and many people easily relate to it which helps them have a better understanding of what you are trying to relay. I am an advocate for change and in times as this, learning to adapt to change through incorporating creativity is a new normal. COVID-19 is teaching us that we can be flexible when it comes to change but we do resist which makes us human. The crisis brings the best and worst out of us and it is left for us to make positive changes that will impact our lives for a better tomorrow. One of those changes is learning to help one another by collaborating globally. Once again, thank you for a great webinar.

    Ngepu Kiawi

  • Saima Salim, MD, FAAFP

    As a diverse leader, my strength is leveraging innovation and creativity to solve problems. As a trained clinician, my mindset is to look at the whole situation (the patient), try to identify the problem (diagnose the patient correctly) and then look for simple solutions (find correct treatment strategies based on evidenced based medicine). If the simple solutions are not resolving the issue, I think outside the box and look at the big picture-from various angles. I love to bounce off ideas with my team. They feel appreciated that they are included in creating a solution/ resolution of a problem.


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