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Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills by Carson F. Dye

Leadership in Healthcare
The following excerpt is from Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills, ed. 3 by Carson F. Dye. Copyright 2017 by the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Click here to access information about this book.

Self-tributes are a documentation of not only the late careerist’s achievements but also the positive changes to the organization, the community, and the lives of many people. Writing this is not an exercise in egomania; rather it is an exercise in self-affirmation—that is, it serves as a reminder that your personal sacrifices eased others’ hardships, that you instituted improvements that saved lives and livelihood, or that your tireless advocacy and support led to progress in the community and the organization. After all, no one knows all the good that has been done better than the person who made it happen.

Ask yourself: What will people remember about me? Have I written a self-tribute? If not, what will I include in this document?