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Gunn #4

Anton J. Gunn, MSW, CDM 

Chief Diversity Officer & Executive Director of Community Health Innovation

Medical Univ. of South Carolina Health

Keynote Speaker/Author/Leadership Coach

Charleston, SC


Diverse healthcare professionals: Balancing self-promotion and humility

One of the most important decisions I made as a professional is to never to worry about my title in an organization. I focused on being the most effective team player where ever I am in the organization. By focusing on how I can serve the team and the goals of the organization, I always was asked to be on “the next big project” because I had a reputation of getting things done. I didn’t need to promote myself because those who wanted to be successful needed effective players on their team. That was me. Over time, this approach made me an expert on project management and change management. These are two constants in healthcare today. That has kept me top-of-mind for opportunities and it has kept my reputation as a leader unquestioned in the minds of top executives.