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Follow Like A Leader – Discussion

In the May 21, 2020, webinar, “Follow Like A Leader: How to be an Indispensable Team Member in a Crisis Environment—and Beyond,” there were 5 strategies presented:

  • Nurture self-efficacy & a growth-mindset
  • Keep managing up—and in every direction
  • Build your trustworthy reputation
  • Master effective, efficient communication
  • Remain open to change


QUESTION: Of these 5 strategies, which one is your strongest asset? How have you leveraged it to help you bring the Best You to work each day?

POST YOUR RESPONSE to share your strengths with your EDCN community, and we can encourage each other to thrive through these tough times (your comment will post once reviewed).


  • Metrisa Garrett, MHA, LNFA, CSSBB

    Great topic! I am finishing my Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and have worked in healthcare as an operator, quality, risk control, and consultant. Currently I am working towards my dissertation in the leader/follower dynamics in healthcare which will focus on the COVID-19 response from a hospital leadership/followership perspective. I also like to qualify that I studied health disparities at MD Anderson many years ago and find the diversity and inclusion aspect very important as I too am part of the LGBTQ community. That all to qualify that having a discussion about productive followership is very important to the success of a leader and the future opportunity of a follower. While I think the Clifton Strengths Assessment it is used just like the Meyer’s Briggs in uncovering area of strengths slanted towards discovering leadership potential but does not give a good baseline for what type of followership that person exhibits. Without good followership no leader can be successful. Chaleff has the seminal work on followership called “The Courageous Follower” which an easy read and will help leaders and followers alike understand the characteristics of being an asset follower. There is a link below that leads to the Courageous Follower Assessment:

    In addition, I wanted to add. It is important for followers to be highly supportive and challenging to their leaders. Followers must be willing to stand up and take two types of risks:
    1) The risk of respectfully challenging leadership when the leader is going down the wrong path.
    2) The risk of taking sharing your value proposition (what is your value to a situation that you identify there is a gap and you can fill).

    Thanks for the great conversation and hope this adds value to future conversations.

  • Mutaz

    It was a great presentation. Of the five strategies mentioned, my strongest one is managing up. strengthened it by continuously seeking ways to improve my job and exceed the expectations of my internal and external customers.

  • Karlisha R Stokes

    This was a great webinar.

    Thank you for the information.

    • Karlisha R Stokes

      Here’s my response to this webinar, My strongest asset would be building my trustworthy reputation since we only have one name and first impression is a lasting impression. I leverage to stand by my morals and to always present a positive mindset at work and outside of work. If I tell a team member i will do something, I am always sure to make sure I do it and be successful and if I can’t for some reason, I am sure to communicate that as well. Open communication leaves room to build trust among the whole team.

  • Marla

    I love the idea of you are your brand and that stands true in this discussion as well. I appreciated the interaction between the presenters and the casual yet effective delivery of the information.


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