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Skills, Experience and Character


I’ve been working in healthcare administration for about 28 years and for the past decade served at the senior management level. As an immigrant kid growing up in the city of Chicago, I faced blatant discrimination and racism. However as a professional in healthcare, I can’t say that any challenges I have faced are clearly due to my ethnic background or gender. It’s definitely more subtle. But perhaps it’s also in the mindset. I have never considered these attributes as a hindrance or challenge to my career journey. I believe my skills, experiences, and character are what really matter and I think that has helped others see that in me. I try to stick to the facts for whatever I am working on, focus on work products and let the data tell the story whenever possible. Because I know what it’s like to be perceived as different from others, I empathize with early and mid-careerists who sometimes face challenges and enjoy mentoring them.