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Charles Henderson – Working with a Mentor

Charles Henderson

Connected Health Coordinator
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Rapid City, SD

Working with a Mentor

Question: Briefly describe one of the main things you have learned or confirmed about yourself as a result of working with a mentor.

I have learned that I need to be proud of my accomplishments, and that I am good at developing and pursuing objectives and goals in regards to career progression.


Question: As a person of color early in your healthcare management career, describe something you have purposely done to embrace your own social identity in the context of your professional life.

I embrace my ancestry, history, and identity by distinguishing who I am and what I stand for every time I feel it is questioned while maintaining my professionalism.


Question: What are 2-3 key points you have learned to apply to maintain a high-quality relationship with your mentor?

We have established a monthly meeting. I make it a point to identify everything that I wish to cover during our meetings. Lastly, we both have shared parts of our lives that are important to us and established how we shall communicate as mentor and mentee.