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Why Connect with Executive Search Firms?

Q. Why should mid-careerists begin to establish connections to executive search firms, and how can they do so?

A. A mid-careerist must have a solid structure to network with healthcare leaders internal and external from their work setting. As a diverse leader, you have an opportunity to shape your career progression goals and how you can relate to your healthcare setting’s patient population. In developing your commitment to network and plan for career growth, it’s essential to create a relationship with an executive search firm associate. Executive search firms work closely with healthcare organizations as partners and advisors. They may know of a role being created and not fully approved or posted yet. The relationships you make and maintain as you become a director, Vice President, and COO can guide your entire career. They can be inexpensive therapists and mentors if you get the right person. Make sure you research the executive search firm relative to your goals and your flexibility to relocate. Also consider the differences between a national firm versus a boutique search firm and determine which one best fits you at this point in your career.